desc: functions contain blocks of code which do various things when called; they can be called by using the name of the function followed by parentheses, for example someFunc() would call the function called someFunc; in order to call an object's function, the variable referencing the object would be put before the function, for example object.someFunc() would call the function someFunc belonging to the object in a variable called object; when calling an object's function, you can reference that object using the 'this' keyword inside the function; you can get an array containing the arguments of the function using the 'arguments' keyword; you can use 'call' and 'apply' to call any function with a different 'this' set, for example, arg1, arg2) would call object.someFunc but the 'this' of the function would be 'otherObj' instead of 'object' and the arguments of the function would be arg1 and arg2; apply works the same way except the arguments are an array, for example object.someFunc.apply(otherObj, [arg1, arg2])
function keywords:
desc: function keywords are variables that every function has which you can access for specific information or to tell the function to do a certain thing
desc: an object containing all the arguments passed into the function
desc: put at the top of an object function to make this function override all parent functions for the object
desc: a variable containing the information returned by the parent function call