Objects are a data type that can contain many values. You can duplicate defined objects or use them as constructors for many different purposes. Objects are defined by using braces ( {} ) while the values are written using a colon to separate the name and value ( 'name':value ).

Diobs (Display Objects) are special objects that have a location on the screen or map and a visual representation, with functions and variables to be used to manipulate those things as well as other data.
Example Code
var car = {'type':'Fiat', 'model':'500', 'color':'white'} World.log(car.color + ' ' + car.type + ' ' + car.model) // white Fiat 500

Static Objects

Static objects exist in solidarity and permanently. You can use them to call functions and get values.
Current Static Objects: Math, Date, Icon, World, Util, Map, Event, Macro, Resource, Type, JS