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cool game)
-Scorboard updated- Best player currently: - Activist #1 Second best: - Ryuuzachi #2
Best player currently: - Ryuuzachi #1 Las Noches discord.
Love love love <3
Fun game, looking forward to what you guys have in store for the game!
Hello, and welcome to Main Street! I'm River, one of the devs, and I'd like to welcome you to join our discord community where you can offer feedback, share screen shots, and find fellow Main Street players! 😊🎉
What's the new discord channel? I accidentally left it and the link in BYOND is busted/points to the old one.
I need a juicy update! When is this game coming!? :)
10/10 would play again
Open up punk!
Amazing work!
Used to be a donator/dedicated player back in the day...are there still donator perks? Like housing?
Game is looking really nice. Keep up the amazing work!
Super fun!!
Hey I just wanted to let you know this game's super fun so right now, great job
excellent work here CRATIAL
Woah... Dinosaurs rule!
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