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Thanks for the requests!

Being able to copy/paste entire icons, icon states, and frames, then paste anywhere is something I have planned, but not sure when it will be added.

I'll see what I can do about the having multiple icons showing their icon states at the same time thing.

A color wheel and many other color features are all planned.

You can swap icons with drag and drop. I will continue to add other ways and improve that type of stuff. This goes for icon frames as well. You should be able to drag and drop to swap their locations.

Not sure what you mean about unselecting frames. If you want to "return" to the "main" icon, you just click the first frame. The first frame is the icon itself.

Again, thanks for the feature requests! I have a lot of plans for the icon editor, it's just not a huge priority right now. But I will get most of this stuff added in due time.