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Vylocity > Feature Requests > Drag Skin Elements
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This can all be done with regular code. Here is a basic code for being able to do this.

Interface DraggableElement isDragEl = true onMouseDown(pClient, pX, pY, pButton) if (this.isDragEl && pButton === 1 && pClient.isDragEl) pClient.isDragEl.xOff = pX pClient.isDragEl.yOff = pY Client onMouseDown(pD, pX, pY, pButton) if (pD.isDragEl && pButton === 1) this.isDragEl = {'el': pD} onMouseMove(pD, pX, pY) if (this.isDragEl) this.isDragEl.el.setPos(pX - this.isDragEl.xOff, pY - this.isDragEl.yOff) onMouseUp(pD, pX, pY, pButton) if (this.isDragEl && pButton === 1) this.isDragEl = null

As for the link interfaces together thing, just simply use some sort of identifier to specify what elements should be linked together and some sort of array to loop through so you can move them all together.

The code I provided is very basic and not optimized for your specific project, so you may need to make changes and optimizations.
Actually went ahead and made a new post with the shown code snippet in the Resources forum. It might be useful to other developers.