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I can probably add the ability to include raw JavaScript in the project and include remote JS files but it would be client-side only, for now at least.

It would most likely work kind of like how doing client-side VyScript code does, where you put the code between the #BEGIN JAVASCRIPT and #END JAVASCRIPT code tags and then the builder puts all that code into a JS file that the game runs when it loads. Then I could also add a VS function to load in remote JS files during runtime.

Finally, I could create a global object called VS (in the engine itself, accessible through JS) which has access to the engine functions, like VS.World.getDiobs which could be run in pure JS to run that VS function. This would probably be the hardest part.

This has always been planned, but if people are wanting it already, I could probably knock it out now.

I'm a tad worried about security, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the request.
JavaScript can now be used in projects.