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11/30/14: Base level movement of the zombie player tracking mechanism now live (very very low intelligence AI at this point).
11/23/14: Modified the code I was using to move bullets to allow it to move the AI as well and created a second instance of it on the same single game thread that loops through the mobs that need to be moved. For now I am feeding it a specified coord until I make a function to have that coord be set to the nearest player (which will update before each iteration of the AI moving in the thread).
11/16/14 - Also began working on the core framework of the thread that will run the computer zombie AI (you may notice a count of active comp mobs flash on the screen every 10 seconds).
I will now use this section to serve as documentation of updates until I purchase membership to make game posts: 11/16/14 - Fixed bug that let players shoot themselves with guns (Still planning to keep self-inflicted damage in game when grenades/bombs are introduced).
I am gonna say no Fug lol
I gotta admit I randomly place them but I am on quite a winning streak ;)
I think 337 is the highest I have gotten ;)